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Hi I´m Bill the Geek. I love Digital Expression. For the last 30 years of my life I have learned, taught and created digitally. I´m a Dartmouth College Grad, Masters from The Ohio State University, living in Puerto Vallarta Mexico where I teach digital expression to English speaking people all over the world. I do no business in Mexico.

I teach one on one live classes via In my private, specially tailored sessions, I share with clients how to master WordPress, Dreamweaver, CSS3, Html5, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash and Search Engine Optimization.

You can subscribe to my online video series for Dreamweaver, WordPress, Photoshop and CSS by clicking here.

Bill the GeekA special project this year is a digital capsule for a College English, Critical Thinking Class where the students are watching the entire HBO Rome series, and watching my episode by episode, 30 minute, critical thinking reviews, comparing Roman life to today’s times. You can visit this capsule and see the videos by clicking here.

Bill the GeekFor 15 years I wrote and illustrated children’s books. I have created a course guide for teachers that want to use the group writing process to create digital publications with their students grades kindergarten to 6th grades.  Lots You can visit this site by clicking here.

My original site, and one of the oldest sites on the internet is, That is the grandfather of all of my sites.

Welcome, click around and enjoy.

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