Falling into Geekdom

I fell into Geekdom, just because it kind of showed up all along.  You can fall into just enough Geekdom to change your life in a new way. Click here to see the video, "Tech Time."

The World is At Your Finger Tips

It is truly a new way of thinking for many of us.  We realize it when we consume products, but when it comes to offering and marketing ourselves, many of us don´t look at "Global" as the same thing.  Global always means, "I need," as opposed to "People need my stuff."...

I Work at Home, the Series

“I Work at Home,” is all about the benefits of yes, working at home. But this series is about more than than that. The I Work at Home series is about life, attitude, freedom and more. Click here to open new doors to your life.

Elementary School Creative Writing

Elementary School Creative Writing Howdy.  Thanks for the click.  Thanks for visiting the Bill the Geek blog.  To see the 17 parts of "The Project" please click this link and you will see all of the text and videos associated with "The Project." "The Project," is an...

Free Adobe Dreamweaver Templates

Free Adobe Dreamweaver Templates Hi, I'm Bill the Geek. Welcome to the land of Free Adobe Dreamweaver Templates. Free is Good, so enjoy. I teach and consult Wordpress, Dreamweaver, CSS, Flash, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in one on one private sessions all over the...

Flash Tutor

I´m a Flash Tutor.  I made this video in Flash many years ago and just watched it for the first time in 3 years.  Oh My,,,, It´s really corny, but Whatever, take a look, it´s worth a watch.  Maybe you´ll have a chuckle and you´ll say to yourself, "Poor Guy."

The Future of Web Languages 2015

The Future of Web Languages 2015 What is the Future of Web Languages 2015? Why ask? Why wonder? Can you say Cobal or FORTRAN? How many people do you run into and they say, “ I used to write Cobal for IBM, then everything changed so now I´m a bartender.” I love what...