Adobe Photoshop TutorI am an Adobe Photoshop Tutor

That would be me. I´m Bill the Geek. Everyone knows the term Photoshop. Even people that have a problem turning their computers on and off know what it means for an image to be Photoshopped. In this day an age of image information, facebook, web design, electronic distribution of stuff we see, Images and image manipulation is key.

Your buddy down the street may know how to open Photoshop and put the bird head on your neighbor´s head, but when you get serious, and you want to know all the ends and outs that professional use, then you want to spend some time with me, Bill the Geek.

When you want to know when it´s best to use a Tiff, jpeg, jpg, gif, png, png8 or png24, you want to do a private session with me. When you want to know how to vectorize your image for Flash, then you want to do a private session with me.

I´ve had clients that were designers from The Gap, Old Navy, Citi Group, Visa, Well´s Fargo and clients that were brand new to image editing. I start with what you know, and what you want to know.

I do this full time, 24/7. You can be AnyWhere USA and we can set up a time to get you started. Drop me a line and we can get you going with Adobe Photoshop, because, I´m Bill the Geek, Adobe Photoshop Tutor.