I´ve been teaching and using Adobe Illustrator for the last 20 years.  The really good Illustrator users that I know are always looking for ideas concerning Customizing the Tool Panel in Illustrator CC.

Customizing the Tool Panel in Illustrator CCI found this great artcle from Laroslav Lazunov of astutegraphics.com.

“In Illustrator version CC(17.1) and above, we have the opportunity to create custom Tools Panels where we can gather the essential tools and avoid wasted toolbox space. The purpose of custom Tools Panels is to make the tools we personally use more accessible.

The process of customizing panels and their management will be discussed in this article. But for the first time, we have teamed Iaroslav and Sebastian together to bring you the details both in writing and by video!”

It´s very good.  Read the Article.

Customizing the Tool Panel in Illustrator CC