Elementary School Creative WritingElementary School Creative Writing

Howdy.  Thanks for the click.  Thanks for visiting the Bill the Geek blog.  To see the 17 parts of “The Project” please click this link and you will see all of the text and videos associated with “The Project.”

“The Project,” is an elementary school creative writing project that has been carried out in hundreds, if not thousands of elementary schools and school groups around the world.  This elementary school writing project is based on the concept of group brainstorming, group decision making, group media mixing and finally an electronic product or traditional paper product .

In this project, Bill the Geek takes teachers and students through;

Developing a Theme
Brainstorming and Writing a One Sentence Story Summary
Brainstorming and Writing a Four Sentence Story Summary
Brainstorming and Writing the Beginning, Middle and End of a Story
Developing the Wants of the Main Character
Developing the Physical and Mental Attributes of the Main Character
Writing the Copy
Rewriting the Final Copy
Creating the hand and computer art

This is what the students do in the elementary school creative writing project.  Suggestions for teacher and parents involved in the process can be seen by clicking here.  There are 7 short videos.

This elementary school creative writing project is a monster.  But, it´s a ton of fun as long as in the brainstorming process no one has their “Imagination Blocker” turned on.

Here is the link to “The Project.”


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