The Future of Web Languages 2014The Future of Web Languages 2015

What is the Future of Web Languages 2015? Why ask? Why wonder? Can you say Cobal or FORTRAN?

How many people do you run into and they say, “ I used to write Cobal for IBM, then everything changed so now I´m a bartender.”

I love what code I know and use, and I´m always fascinated by what languages are being learned, developed and applied now, and which ones will be the most useful for the future.

I´m curious, but I´m also selfish. I don´t want to be a bartender, though I think that´s a great profession. I like to see what are the new or most popular languages, and then I like to check that list and see which ones are on my knowledge base list.

If I look at the list of “The Future of Web Languages 2014” and none of the languages are on my knowledge base list, then I know that I´m on the way to becoming a bartender and I don´t want that to happen.

Below these words you will find a great top ten list from Smashing Magazine. I´ve gone over the list. What I like to do is read the list, then do search on how each is every language is being used. I also like to do searches on who on the planet is using what, and how the future of web languages 2014 are related to one another, as well as how are they related to the languages in my functional knowledge base.

Enjoy this eye opening article from Smashing Magazine, “The Future of Web Languages 2014.