I´m Bill the Geek.  I  teach web design one on one to clients throughout the English speaking world.  I use gotomeeting.com.  My clients tell me what they want to know.  We set a day and time, we get together with live audio and visual.  They can see my computer, they can allow me to see their computer.

I have all types of clients.  Print graphic designers that want to know more about web development.  Web designers that want know more about CSS3, Dreamweaver CC, Html5, Adobe Edge, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or even SEO.

Many times my clients are business owners that want to edit their own websites.  They want to change text and images whenever they want.  I save them thousands of dollars and put them in control of their sites, increasing their sales.

When I´m not teaching I´m doing research on web tech trends, seo, and stuff that like that.  If I´m not teaching or doing research, I´m most likely writing a short story, or illustrating a children´s ebook.

Welcome to the land of Bill the Geek.  You can see more about what we do by clicking the links to our sister site, sillybilly.com

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