masking images in adobe illustratorMasking Images in Adobe Illustrator

Masking! Oh what a wonderful thing to be a part of in any graphics application. In all of my favorite digital imagery applications, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Premiere and Final Cut Pro, my favorite and most fun, creative thing to do is Masking.

Masking is taking a couple of images ( or 100´s of images) and then hiding and revealing the parts you want to show up overall in one “image,” let say collagen.

The best explanation I have ever heard for Masking images in Adobe Illustrator is that you are creating a window in one image, and through that window see another image. The beauty of masking is that you can make the window any shape you want. I love it.

I created a video for clients that are interesting in masking images in Adobe Illustrator, you can see it here.

For my clients that want a written introduction to masking images in Adobe Illustrator, I share with them this wonderful tutorial from Allison Stuart.

So watch my video, read Allison´s wonderful article and then, get a bunch of images and do some masking images in Adobe Illustrator.