I moved sillybilly.com to another serverThis is Not an Ad for BlueHost

I´ve been with my web hosting service for at least the last 6 years. They stayed in business, their server never went down, their technical support people were always friendly and went to the last mile to solve any mystery I needed taken care of for my service.

I´m a web guy. All of my income stems from my website. I´m a web developer. My web site is more important than my house, my car, even the food I eat.

Enough said. You get the picture.

I´ve been doing a lot of sites in WordPress lately. For one of my long term clients I set up a WordPress Multisite (this means you have one WordPress installation and you can run a gazzilion domain names from one WordPress center. Don´t want to get too techy here, it´s a really good and convenient thing to do though).

So I set up my clients sites with the WordPress Multisite situation. All is good. Then after doing this for more clients, I asked myself, “Self, why don´t you set up a WordPress multisite for yourself?” So I did.

It ran great on my Mamp server. Then I called my host of 6 years. They were charging me $24 a month. Fine, their server stays up, Tech support always answers the phone.

I tell them I want to ad a domain to my sillybilly.com domain umbrella. They tell me that´s going to cost twice as much. Two domains, Two separate accounts. I ask them about the WordPress Multisite set up. They don´t know anything about it. They say they are not trained in WordPress (they were very polite).

So, we talk more, their techies get me up and on. I´m on the world wide web with my WordPress Multisite.

Then,,,,,,, none of my comment forms work on my WordPress Multisite. My contact form doesn´t work. I call my friendly techies (in India) and ask them to take a look. They can´t pull up my web site. The techie can pull it up on his phone, but not on his company´s computer that he works on all day (the site is showing up fine on mine).

A few days later, my Google Analytics hit bottom. BOTTOM!!!!

I asked myself, “Self, do you think it might be my server that I´m paying, the one that doesn´t know anything about WordPress, the one with the techies in India, the one that can´t see my web site in their techy room.

Self tells me to call Bluehost. I call Bluehost, but I didn´t call sales, I called technical support. I´m a Geek, I build web sites, I teach web design. IM A GEEK!!!

I ask the techy on the phone with me, “Do you guys support WordPress?” She says, “Sure, I have my own WordPress site. I use it and work with it all of the time.”

I asked her, “Have you ever run into a WordPress Multisite?”

She says, “Sure, I built use one myself.”

Long story short. She knew everything I wanted her to know. Then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I moved my web sites. I got unlimited number of domains under one umbrella for a total of $3.70 per month.

This has to sound like a commercial by now, but it´s all true, and I don´t have a Bluehost ad anywhere on my site and I get ZERO dollars from Bluehost. And,,, my web stats are back where they should be.

And, she, my techy, was working in the USA and spoke perfect English that I could understand.