seo teacherBill the Geek, SEO Teacher

Hi there, I´ve been on the internet a log time. I´ve been on creating, publishing, teaching, marketing and communicating on the internet for decades now. As you know, everything on the internet changes about every three minutes. Especially Google Ranking Methodologies.

I´m a born and raised United States Citizen from Columbus, Ohio, Dartmouth College Grad., with a Master´s degree from The Ohio State University.

I live, and have lived in Puerto Vallarta Mexico (two blocks from the beach may I add) for the last 8 years.

I have to work for a living just like billions of other people on this planet. In the last 8 years, I have not earned one dime from anyone in Mexico, 100% of my income comes from United States Citizens (I take that back, I do have customers in Australia and Great Britain). I have US clients from San Francisco to Portland, Maine and all of the States in between ( I take that back, I have never had a single client from Mississippi).

I teach people from all around the United States and other countries and make a good living here in Puerto Vallarta by the Beach. How do I do it?

Bill the Geek ives and breaths Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

Bill the Geek is an SEO Teacher.

Most of the time I´m tutoring Photoshop, Web Design, Illustrator, WordPress, Flash or Dreamweaver to someone, somewhere in the United States. But, sometimes I teach SEO. Sometimes I´m an SEO Teacher.

For me to do business down here, I need people in the states to visit my site, call me on the phone (415 839 0096 yes, a San Francisco phone number that rings right down here in Puerto Vallarta. Magic Jack), or fill out my web forms, or email me. That´s where on a daily basis I have to put on my red cape and become Bill the Geek, “SEO Teacher.”

When I work on my website, which is usually at least 4 hours a day, I have to constantly think “SEO.” CONSTANTLY!!!! Did I say CONTSTANTLY!!!! As I touch every key on the key board right now, I´m thinking SEO!


Google changes what is going on about every 9 months. And the thing is, I use all organic, white hat methodologies. That´s harder, but people that were using black hat stuff got left in the dust last October when Google changed the music and penalized their black hat stratifies.

Bill the Geek´s SEO Method

I could tell you my method, but that´s how I earn some of my money. So give me a call and I´ll tell you what to do. People ask me, “But you live in Mexico, how can you know anything?” Good question. While most Americans are shoveling snow, drinking beer, watching movies, playing with the kids, eating at McDonalds I´m reading SEO articles from MIT on the internet. I´m subscribing to 100 different SEO sources and feeds. Some people watch football, I watch SEO trends. Sure, I live in Mexico, next to the beach but I got high speed internet on my Imac, PC, Ipad, Mac AirBook and Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I stay in touch.

The first thing I do in the morning before I even brush my teeth is check my stats on Google Analytics. EVERY MORNING!!!!!!!

I´ve been in Mexico for eight years and my Spanish is terrible. People ask me, “How can you have lived in Mexico for 8 years, and not know Spanish?” The fact is, if I spent as much time studying Spanish as I do research and practicing WordPress, CSS3, Html5, Actionscript, Photoshop, Illustrator and SEO, I´d be fluent in Spanish. But the fact of the matter is,

“Nobody is going to pay me money to learn Spanish!”

Anyway, drop me a line, give me a call and I can help your SEO. I charge by the hour. To be very honest, I can get your on the right track in,,,,,,,,,, here we go,,,,,,, are you ready for this,,,,, ONE HOUR!

After that, you´ll most likely need another hour down the road, then maybe another. That´s it.

It´s tedious work. The problem with most people is, they don´t want to do any work. The fact of the matter is, if you want to get your message out, there is no magic wand that makes that happen.

Drop me a line, Bill the Geek, SEO Teacher