For the last 8 years, I have consulted with and taught  more than 2,000 clients all over the world.  Mostly in English speaking nations, mostly in the United States.  Though I was born and raised in the United States, I live in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

What is WebRTCTechnology has allowed me to meet with my clients via screen sharing.  I never see my clients faces.  For me that a waste of bandwidth.  I can see their computers, they can see my computer and we have FM Quality sound.

Usually we meet by appointment.  Many times it´s an emergancy situation and my client needs some fix in their web design or Flash production.

I started with WebEX back in the year 2005.  The cost was $600.00 a month for 40 hours of use.  Then I moved onto  The cost was $50.00 per month for unlimited meeting time.  I still use today.  It has been easy to use for me, and my clients can log in easily and they understand how the system works immediately.  That´s what I have need.

Recently, I heard about WebRTC.  This is mind blowing.  We are in an age where we can now communicate from browser to browser, anywhere in the world with no special cameras or software.  Some say that WebRTC it the hottest thing going on in 2014.

Here is a discription of What is WebRTC.  Read the Article.