Controlling Dreamweaver Bootstrap Rows and ColumnsAdding Images in Dreamweaver Bootstrap

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Adding Images in Dreamweaver Bootstrap is not that difficult, especially when it comes to doing this in the Dreamweaver environment. Adding images in Dreamweaver Bootstrap is all about drag and drop if you like to do things the easy way.

Adding Images in Dreamweaver Bootstrap is also quite convenient when you are an Adobe Custom Cloud Member, because you can identify your images in Adobe Bridge and make sure ahead of time that the image you think you are going to use is that image that you are using.

In this episode, not only will we be adding images in Dreamweaver Bootstrap, we will also add some bla,bla, bla text as a placeholder until our staff of writers comes up with the real deal. I think they are on vacation with Madonna right now. Anyway, the latest version of Dreamweaver comes with the code editing system called “Emmit.” With Emmit, we put in about 8 characters of text and the generator plugs in all of the Lorem Ipsum that you could ever want. 100 words, 200 words, 50,000 words is just a keystroke away.

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Of course, what we are doing in this segment of “Adding Images in Dreamweaver Bootstrap,” is just a down and dirty version of getting to our end goal. We will have challenges getting the images to resize and for our rows and column to behave correctly. Also, what about centering images and text in Dreamweaver Bootstrap.

In this episode, we make up a page. Of course our goal is adding images in Dreamweaver Bootstrap, but what we do is make up a fake page with a fake idea. Our idea is to have Web Design Class in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, blocks away from the beach.

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Isn´t that a great idea? Would you sign up? Drop me a line. I can set up a palace situation for ten people that would blow your mind.