Is Adobe Dreamweaver DeadIs Adobe Dreamweaver Dead?

I have given this Question a considerable amount to thought, research and energy. Is Adobe Dreamweaver Dead?

After months and months of contemplation I have come up with an answer to the question, “Is Adobe Dreamweaver Dead?”

You Really have to watch the video above to jump right into what I think now that Adobe has released “Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015.  This release Totally changes the ball game on the Status of Dreamweaver.  Is Adobe Dreamweaver Dead?  New Answer is, “Hell No!”  Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 is the new leader in Web Building Tools.

I have been using and teaching Dreamweaver since the year 2000. After Adobe bought Dreamweaver, well, I still used the application everyday, but the competition to the product was moving ahead and Dreamweaver just kind of sat there.

No more. With the latest version, Adobe Dreamweaver 2015 moves ahead of the competition, hands down, number 1.

Adobe did all kinds of really awesome things to this version. A super step up to the plate was packaging Bootstrap with this release. When you click, “file new,” you have the option to open 5 Bootstrap Templates, or a blank Bootstrap page. Of course, once you open the page, all of the associated Bootstrap html, Css and JS files are placed into folders and ready to go.

Another big move in addressing the question “What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015?” was updating the code editor. Adobe plugged in one of the best web code editors on the Planet, “Emmet,” into Dreamweaver.

In answering the question, “What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015?” Adobe did something really wild where you can take a picture of the QR code generated in Dreamweaver for any page with your phone or tablet, and then see, LIVE, how the page looks AS YOU EDIT on the device.

In answering the question, “What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015?” Adobe made it so that all of your media queries show up at the very top of the page you are working on so that you can click on a media query and see how the page looks as you edit. And, you can actually edit the CSS and Html live and see it edited in the browser live.

Yes, it is still best to learn your html and CSS to understand what is going on in Dreamweaver, but this tool puts “What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015?” answer question to a very basic answer. Awesome.

Dreamweaver was developed by MacroMedia almost 20 years ago. Of course within the last decade it was purchased by Adobe, whose biggest selling product by the way is not Photoshop, but Adobe Acrobat (just a side note).

The developers at MacroMedia created Dreamweaver as a code editing tool. Dreamweaver was never created to be a WYSIWYG (Wizzy Gig, What you see is what you get). When the developers at MacroMedia Developed Dreamweaver, they told their clients up front, that if you are going to use this web developer´s tool, then you should know html and css for sure. Not just know html and css, but be able to hand code it in your sleep. If you are going to use this tool to write javascript and php, then you should know javascript and php.

Again, Dreamweaver was developed as a code editing tool, not as a WYSIWYG.

Now, at the time Dreamweaver was developed, just like today, their were millions of lazy people that didn´t want to learn html, css, php and/or javascript. The people at MacroMedia didn´t want the application to die, so they threw in some almost WYSIWYG tools. For some non coders, this worked very well for them.

This was back in the days of table based layout. If you knew how to manipulate tables, table cells and other table properties, thats kind of all you needed to know. So back then, in the old days, non coders used Dreamweaver to build their tables, add their text and links, place images and upload to the server, no big deal. That worked for lots of non coder type people for years and years.

Actually, because so many people, non coder types did this, the general public (and today´s Dreamweaver Haters) got the false impression that Dreamweaver was developed to be a WYSIWYG.

Is Adobe Dreamweaver Dead?

So, the application developers at MacroMedia created a web developers code editor, then millions of non coders bought it and used it for years, not wanting to write code.

Let´s answer the question, “Is Adobe Dreamweaver Dead?” with some more questions.

Is html dead? No. Is CSS Dead? No. Is Javascript Dead? No. Is Php Dead? No? Is Adobe Dreamweaver Dead? No! As long as people write html, css, php, javascript and other web development languages with Dreamweaver then the answer to the question, “Is Dreamweaver Dead?” is no.

Dreamweaver Haters

Now there are thousands, if not millions of Dreamweaver haters. You´ll read their thoughts and comments all over the internet. They are upset with me because I write my code using Dreamweaver. Isn´t that like they hate me because I used Word to write an essay for my Mother instead of NotePad. Isn´t that like they hate me because I wrote a business proposal in Word instead of writing it out on a piece of toilet paper with a crayon.

Dreamweaver Haters

Many Dreamweaver haters say, “All the things that Dreamweaver can do, you can do for free with thousands of other applications.”

Very good. That´s fine. I have money. Since it´s my money, if I want to spend my money on a code editor that helps me write, validate, publish, and makes me thousands of dollars a year, then to the Dreamweaver Haters, fine. It´s my money. Dreamweaver makes me money everyday. If Dreamweaver was not making me money every minute of the day, then I would use some free stuff like the Dreamweaver Haters use.

Is Dreamweaver Dead? WordPress

There are some that would say, “I don´t need Dreamweaver or any code editor because I use WordPress.” Fine. For these people that can download a free WordPress theme, or maybe pay $100 for a theme, I say fine.

But, for me, that´s like people that buy a hotdog and just eat it cold out of the package from 7 – 11. They don´t put it in the bun of their choice. They don´t put mustard on it (because they don´t know how). They don´t heat it up (because they don´t know how). They don´t grill some onions and sprinkle (because they don´t know how).

I have 3 WordPress sites. Once I download the theme, I take it out of the package, heat it up, add some mustard, onions, and stick it in the bun of my choice BECAUSE I KNOW HOW! And I do all of this in Dreamweaver because Dreamweaver makes me thousands of dollars a year and I have the money to pay for it.

Is Adobe Dreamweaver Dead?

I write code everyday of my life. Most days of my life I teach code. I teach mostly CSS3, html5, a little PHP, Javascript and web development that is associated with all things web. I don´t just teach Dreamweaver, I teach all things web. I teach people how to control the hotdog after you pull in out of the package. And I do all of this in Dreamweaver because I can afford to pay for it because Dreamweaver makes me money everyday. When Dreamweaver stops making me money everyday, every minute, then that is the sign that Dreamweaver is Dead.

Dreamweaver, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, SEO, WordPress, Joomla, are not dead today.