You have to learn something new everyday..

Dude! Duddett! Life is too short to be bored or unhappy. Being a full time Adobe Dreamweaver tutor, teacher, consultant keeps me on my toes. It´s constant learning. I mean everyday you learn something new. Everyday, you MUST learn something new.


I am an adobe dreamweaver teacherEveryday I learn more about CSS and CSS3. Everyday I´m learning more about html5. Everyday I´m learning more about WordPress. What´s up with WordPress?

I used Adobe Dreamweaver CC to create two ebooks in the last couple of months.  That was a real learning adventure.


Then, when I´m not learning I´m creating. Knowing CSS3, Html5, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and other stuff, I kind always create something. Hopefully something helpful to the planet.


I create messages to send out to the world everyday.  Everyday.  And 99 percent of it goes through Dreamweaver.  Of course, here, it´s going through wordpress.  Is Adobe Dreamweaver the best tool to use to develop web sites? For me, it´s the best tool. But that´s me.


If you want to learn what I know, what I work with everyday, what I see with the thousands of clients that I have worked with and am working with, drop me a line.


i am an adobe dreamweaver teacherAnd firstly and lastly, if you want to have fun doing it, drop me a line.