adobe dreamweaver teacherAnother Weekend with Bill the Geek, Adobe Dreamweaver Teacher

Bill the Geek had another weekend packed with Adobe Dreamweaver Teacher Activities. I worked on 12 different client sites, and of course my site. Of course all activities where not in Adobe Dreamweaver. Lots of time in Photoshop, lots of time in Illustrator, lots of time in Flash, lots of time in OpenOffice, lots of time in Google Analytics, even more time in WordPress, but for every application I touched, it all ended up with the final touches going through Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

One client has a WordPress multi-site with 9 sub sites. He picked a new theme. Fine.

The really cool thing about most modern browsers is that you can right click or control click on an element in any web page, select “inspect Element” and a window pops open showing you the html and the css of the selected item. That is way so cool. Well it´s almost way so cool.

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