How does Adobe Dreamweaver work with WordPressHow does Adobe Dreamweaver Work with WordPress?

Thousands of people that are running the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite are creating and editing WordPress themes and sites. Many are still using basic text editors to adjust their CSS, Html and Php. Many think of Adobe Dreamweaver as a “static page” editor.

You have Adobe Creative Cloud, think of Adobe Dreamweaver as this little Easter Egg in the Basket that is a Creative Cloud Bonus! I use Dreamweaver day in and day out to manipulate WordPress themes working on my sites and my client´s sites.

In many situations, with Adobe Dreamweaver open also, I´ll use the “inspect element” function of most current browsers to find CSS selectors and locations to edit values. It´s helpful to find and manipulate those values in that environment.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC also has the “inspect element” but with Dreamweaver, you actually make the changes live and then upload to the server in seconds with the ftp function.

Clients that are learning WordPress are already creating and manipulating images and art with Illustrator and Photoshop, some are doing animations in Flash. They ask me, “How does Adobe Dreamweaver Work with WordPress?” I tell them, it´s in your box, open it up and test drive it.

Before they take my one on one class to move ahead with their Dreamweaver and WordPress classes, many times I refer them to this article to answer their question, “How does Adobe Dreamweaver Work with WordPress?