adobe photoshop tutorI´m so Happy to be an Adobe Photoshop Tutor

Being an Adobe Photoshop Tutor is so fun and practical for me. Sure, I totally enjoy what I´ve learned using and teaching Photoshop over the last 20 year. (Oh my God, has it been that long). The application is so much fun, and when I share it´s potential, or even basics with my students and clients, they just go crazy.

Of the millions of people that own Adobe Photoshop, most of them, literally use about .5 percent of the program. And then they will tell you that they are Adobe Photoshop users. Great people they are, but they use .5 percent of the tools they know to take 20 times longer to get things done in a bad way.

I´ve created and manipulated many children´s books, animated cartoons, sales presentations, promotional literature, business cards, and more creating in Adobe Photoshop. As an Adobe Photoshop Tutor, the more I teach Photoshop, the more I learn and the more I share time with professional and Photoshop beginners, the more I learn, then I do research and I learn more.

Now, when I use Adobe Photoshop, I´m like a ninga with the tools. Open and image, adjust levels, check the resolution, rename background to something else, pop into Quick Mask Mode, get rid of the clients wrinkles, invert the selection, delete what´s outside, save for web, better select png24 to maintain the opacity settings in the browser,,,,,,,,, Puff!!!

As a full time Adobe Photoshop Tutor, I see that there are about 30 key concepts and menu options that if one understands them, that knowledge can change your whole Photoshop life.

When I launch Adobe Photoshop, I know for a fact that I can make an image do whatever I want it to do. I´m in control of whatever image I open. Anything goes. And I know how, I HAVE THE POWER!


Yes, I´m a full Time Adobe Photoshop Tutor. I have the power, I´d love to share it with you.

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