the biggest SEO Secret

What is the best way to use the internet to bring cash into your bank account? How can you live anywhere in the world, and just have thousands of people clicking on a Google link, visiting your site, and then clicking the buy now button and letting the money flow into your bank account? My Google Plus Page, and Twitter page is filled with links and articles that will discuss the best practices to make this happen.


Ok, I´m going to share the biggest seo secret that everyone wants the answer to. But give me a second to share with you what the internet,  internet marketing and using the biggest seo secret has done for me.


the biggest seo secretFor 15 years I wrote and Illustrated Children s Books. I was one of the first Children´s Books Illustrators to use computer graphics to illustrate their books. Can you say, “Deluxe Paint II Enhanced?” This was my art application. Created by the Electronic Arts Company. EA Sports Now.


As a result, I was published by Scholastic Books, and invited to present, and share my knowledge with kids and teachers in more than 600 schools around the world. All because I loved what I did, and shared my skill and knowledge on the internet using the biggest seo secret.


I moved on to bigger things, the bigger things involved learning more geeky, computer things. Actually internet code, graphics and animation things. Everything was evolving so I had to also. More intense learning.


the biggest seo secretThrough my website, a college in San Francisco asked me to move there and teach computer graphics, animation, and web design. I did.


So, I taught Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, Actionscript, html, css, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, to corporate designers in Silicon Vally for 7 years. Where I taught, the college´s motto was, “You don´t know it, till You teach it.” So true. When designers from Wells Fargo, The Gap, Citi Group, Visa and others are in groups and you are in front of them, the person who is supposed to have the answers, then you, in this case I, had better be well prepared.


Then, Citi Group´s VP of Marketing in New York City found my website, and wanted me to teach Flash to their Web Designers. I was in San Francisco. We met via WebEx,,,now for 3 months. Coast to Coast on line live training.


the biggest seo secretAfter that, I knew that I could work from anywhere in the world and teach what I knew and loved. So I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and taught from there. I did zero business in Mexico, my Spanish was no good. All of my business was in the United States from LA to NYC. Coast to Coast classes as I sat at my desk and looked at the beautiful ocean.


This is what good SEO has done for me. I am free. I do what I love, and I help others do what they love by teaching them stuff that they want to learn.


Now, Here is the Biggest Secret of SEO.


Are you ready? I´m not even going to charge you for this.


For good SEO, to get more people to visit your web site and give you money, here is what you do.


  1. Do something that you love to do.
  2. Do it extremely well.
  3. Work your ass off.
  4. Help the world be a better place doing what you love to do, doing it well and working at doing it 12 to 18 hours a day.


There Ya Go.


If you create articles with information that people need, and do it well, you will be found, and people will give you money.


In summary,,,,,,Think, Work Your Ass Off, and do good things almost all day. Take time to exercise, sleep and eat.




bill the geek