How to build a wordpress themeHow to Build a WordPress Theme

I work and train many different types of clients. Some want to “use” WordPress period. They have an idea, a business, they are moving their site from static based to the WordPress CMS Environment, and they don´t want to know any code at all.

Many of my clients are and have been using and editing WordPress themes for their clients (they are WordPress manipulators) and they know very little html and/or css (that´s really hard to believe but it´s very true). It´s surprising how many of these people know very little CSS.

Many of me clients know CSS and html quite well, yet they have no knowledge of php. Php is the backbone of WordPress. All of the pluggins that make your WordPress manipulation so easy are created by people who know PHP. All of the people that are building the WordPress Themes that you buy, or that your clients buy know and are using PHP.

Many clients ask me how to build a WordPress theme.

When you want to go all the way as a WordPress designer, you may want to consider understanding what all those pluggins and “includes” are doing in the background.

The article from Chris Spooner at give a great introduction to “How to Build a WordPress Theme.”

If you are a WordPress manipulator, then reading this article will help you cross the line and maybe start wanting to work in those php files with more confidence. Give it a look. Thanks Chris.