changing a website to a WordPress siteWhy Convert Your Website to WordPress?

I teach WordPress, and help many people convert from their present sites, to a WordPress Site.  Most people thinking about the change ask pretty much the same questions.  People ask me, “Why convert your website to WordPress?”  This article may be helpful to you.

“WordPress, one of the most successful open-source blogging platforms, has become a powerful tool for integrating Web 2.0 features on your website. Besides an excellent Content Management System (CMS), WordPress offers thousands of free plugins (created by a community of developers) that can add a variety of features and functionality to a website.

Even if you’re not ready to host a blog on your website, your website’s theme can be converted to WordPress to maintain your current look-and-feel while adding useful features such as social media integration and search engine optimization (SEO), which could otherwise be expensive to implement.”,,,,,Thank you,,,Read Their Article….