creating a contact form in dreamweaverCreating a Contact Form In Dreamweaver

So, you have your web page all developed. It looks good. You have your CSS working. It´s showing up on the phones, the tablets, and on the desktops. All is good. You have a great product or service to offer. Fine, Fine, Fine!

Now for the final touch. Now is the time to let people contact you and order something so that you can make some cash. So now it´s all about creating a contact form in Dreamweaver.

Creating a contact form in Dreamweaver in actually no picnic. Putting the form elements together in the html document is one thing, but creating a contact form in Dreamweaver that actually functions is a totally different story.

In our PHP videos, we talk about the client side, middle ware, and server sides of PHP. In this video we put PHP to work to show you how creating a contact form in Dreamweaver can work.

This video comes with download sample files. It comes with the html, css, and php that actually works. After watching the video, “Creating a Contact Form in Dreamweaver,” you will actually be able to fill out the form, click submit and you will receive an email from the form.