creating form elements in dreamweaverCreating Form Elements in Dreamweaver

I am a front end developer thus far. But, it´s been 20 years of web work for me and I´m learning more and more of the back end side of web development. This decade is the decade of CMS, Contact Management Systems, and social media. I don´t think any web person, that creates web stuff can survive without learning and knowing some middle ware language such as PHP, CGI, ASP or something.

Creating form elements in Dreamweaver is not at all hard to do. When I say creating form elements in Dreamweaver I mean a place to put one’s email address, name, credit card number, comments, sex (male or female) selection, and a city and state drop down menu option,,,, All with a submit button.

Creating form elements in Dreamweaver is very valuable to know even for a front end designer. It helps you know what questions to ask your back end person as you create your front end work.

See the Video, “Creating Form Elements in Dreamweaver.”