css drop down menusCSS Drop Down Menus

Yes they are here, and they are easy. Especially if you understand CSS. They´re fast, light weight and very cool. I´m talking about CSS Drop Down Menus.

I have a new client. He is a CSS drop down menu FREAK! Did I say FREAK. He created them for years in Dreamweaver. Then, the poor guy got the new version of Adobe Dreamweaver CC. He Calls me up from Athens Greece and ask me, “Bill, where did the Spry Menus go in Adobe Dreamweaver CC?

Gone, Gone, Gone. For those of you that used Adobe Spry Widgets, or looked at the code behind them, you know that they were Javascript based. You would make on down down menu and you would attach a 1000 line of code external Javascript file to make the menu function.

Now that browsers are all on the same page with CSS Drop Down Menus, they are easy to make, easy to code and light weight for download time.

Here´s a sample and the code you can copy and paste for your experimentation from code-tricks.com.