different ways businesses use wordpressDifferent Ways Businesses Use WordPress

Some people don´t know anything about WordPress. I´ve had conversations with very intelligent and somewhat informed designers that have never heard of WordPress. On the other hand, I´ve run into many clients and web designers that think WordPress is just for blogging.

Many clients wanted to see examples of different ways businesses use WordPress. I knew of the 70,000,000 people using WordPress there were thousands of different ways it was being used.

I came across this article from Mike Wallagher, “45 Different Ways of Using WordPress.” In his article, Mike shows that WordPress is Being Used for many different reasons other than Blogging.

In my constant attempt to be informed, I ran across this article from web developer Joshua Lochart, “6 Ways to Use WordPress that Aren´t Blogging.” Also very eye opening and filled with tips.

Finally, I introduce an article from sitofono.com, “5 Simple Ways of Running Your Business Easier with WordPress.¨ Not only are there different ways businesses use WordPress, there are many ways WordPress can help you run your business more simply.