Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap Nested ColumnsDreamweaver Bootstrap Nested Columns

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In this video, “Dreamweaver Bootstrap Nested Columns,” we go deeper into the whole idea of placing columns in columns in Dreamweaver Bootstrap Nested Columns. The concepts are pretty simple, but when you actually start using Dreamweaver Bootstrap Nested Columns, the logistics get pretty consuming.

Again, pre-planning is a must. What I find to be as important as preplanning when you start using Dreamweaver Bootstrap Nested Columns is to comment your code at every turn of your journey.

I read one coder that said, “Comment your code like the next person that takes over the site is a psycho killer.”

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Great line! It never fails, especially when using Dreamweaver Bootstrap Nested Columns that if you don´t comment out, especially your closing divs, you will spend hours and hours and hours of your life in a very bad place.

Also, as you move ahead in web development and Dreamweaver Bootstrap Nested Columns you will find that the actual appearance of your code can be a key factor in understanding how you are setting up your page.

I find it key to constantly tell myself, “White space doesn´t count. White space doesn´t count. White Space doesn´t count!”

I use lots and lots of empty space between code blocks so that they are easy to identify next month. I indent blocks of code so that where they show up in my code makes perfect sense.

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Of course, if you are making cookie cutter, bad witch Dreamweaver Bootstrap Nested Columns and you really don´t care who will edit the code in the future, then what do you care.

Again, while or after you see this video, “Dreamweaver Bootstrap Nested Columns,” if you have challenges and you would like a live, one on one, private tutor to guide you through any issues, then just give me a call or drop me a line.

I´m here in the cave most of the time.

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