Making Dreamweaver Bootstrap Nested ColumnsDreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Menus

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After you saw the previous video, I´m sure you a really excited about all of the possible things that you can do with Dreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Menus. Once you get started, creating some Dreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Menus, you really will not be able to stop. Especially after you start playing around with the CSS3, so that you can customize your menus so that they don´t look so Bootstrapish ( That´s a word right? Bootstrapish? ).

When you make your Dreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Menus, you have many options. The standard option is the right out of the box. Along with the out of the box method, you can have your menus take on certain looks. Dreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Menus have the options available for Pill and Tab style. With booth, the “active page” (the page that your web visitor is on) take on a different look.

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In our video, “Dreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Menus,” we go over indepth how you make the menu collapse and show only that little “menu” icon for tablet and phones.

The code you are about to see in our video, “Dreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Menus,” comes with the special code that if I were you, I would copy it and paste it somewhere so that you can use it over and over and over again. In fact, you may want to make this Dreamweaver Bootstrap Responsive Menus code a Dreamweaver “Code Snippet.” I show you how to make a code snippet so that you can reuse it, forever on any page that you work on for the rest of your life.

Also, in this video, we share with you how to make your menus items “justify” themselves, full screen all of the way across the page.

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