Dreamweaver Find and ReplaceDreamweaver Find and Replace

Dreamweaver Find and Replace is an extremely powerful tool. I´m going to say it´s one of the most powerful, magical tools in Dreamweaver. The beauty of Dreamweaver Find and Replace is that it has been around, and not much talked about, since the most early versions of Dreamweaver.

With the Dreamweaver Find and Replace Function, or course you can find and replace words, phrases or paragraphs in a document. But that´s nothing.

With Dreamweaver Find and Replace, you can select massive amounts of code (like total nav bars with images, or total footer or side bar code), find that code in 1000 pages, and replace it all with new WHATEVER code in all 1000 pages in seconds, and with a click of a button.

I call Dreamweaver Find and Replace the poor man´s PHP. This is what PHP lives for. So if you don´t know PHP, use Dreamweaver´s find and replace.

This comes with sample files that you can down load and play with.

Enjoy, Dreamweaver Find and Replace.