Dreamweaver and SEODreamweaver and SEO

So, you spent hours and hours creating a great web site in Dreamweaver. Better yet, you´re not that good in Dreamweaver so you paid a web designer to make an even better and more beautiful site in Dreamweaver. Here´s the great news! You have a beautiful site. Here´s the bad news! No one is going to see it. No one will ever see your site except for you, your family and maybe your girlfriend unless you use Dreamweaver and SEO. Search Engine Optimization.

No matter how your site goes up, or is up, one does need someone to see it if you want to promote your product or services. I met a gentleman last week that spent $12,000.00 on one of the most drop dead gorgeous web sites you have ever seen. The web person made it in that fun, popular, easy to work with application called WIX. ZERO HITS. ZERO VISITORS. NOBODY. $12,000! POOOOFFFFF!

If your want traffic on your site, you need Dreamweaver and SEO.

In this 20 minute video from Bill the Geek, “Dreamweaver and SEO,” you will see the SEO tips that can get you ahead of your competition on Google. It takes work. That´s a good thing because most people that have web sites are lazy people. If you are uninformed about SEO and lazy, you will not show up on page one of Google unless you are Justin Beber(sp), all he has to do is sing.

If are a business owner, web designer, or a college student with an imagination, this video can make you a lot of money. So, take a look, click here to see the video, “Dreamweaver and SEO.”