Finding my images in PhotoshopFinding My Images in Photoshop

It happened to me AGAIN this morning. I was working with a great image on one project in Adobe Photoshop, and it hit me this morning that I could use a portion of that image this morning in another project. Then the big QUESTION came up. What folder did I put that image in last night? Finding my images in Photoshop can be a challenge when you have thousands of images from 25 years of image manipulation.

Have Ya been there. Have you bought the T-Shirt Yet? “Where are My Images?” What did I do with it.

I work with hundreds of clients. Most of them are top level designers and they are very bright people. Bright and talented. But, it never fails. I´m doing a one on one session with them, I´m watching their computer screen, and they say, “Ok, let me get that Logo.” Then they´re going to the Photoshop or Illustrator “File Open” dialogue box. They go from this folder, to that folder. From this drive to that drive. I get paid by the hour. It doesn´t matter to me. Then they say, “Oh, hold on, finding my images in Photoshop sometimes takes a lot of time.” In the back of my mind I´m thinking, “Why don´t you just launch Adobe Bridge?”

What is Adobe Bridge? By the name, who would ever know what the hell Adobe Bridge is. It´s kind of like Google. Who would think that Google actually now means, “find anything you want to know on the planet or universe.” Why isn´t Google called that?

Adobe Bridge is an excellent image file management system. It´s freakin´ awesome! It totally blows my mind that so many people that own it, have no clue that it even exist. If you own Photoshop or Illustrator, you own Adobe Bridge.

What I like most is the fact that you just click on a folder name, and Adobe Bridge actually shows you all of the pictures in the folder instead of looking at a bunch of file names. Finding my images in Photoshop takes a lot less time with the help of Adobe Bridge.

Anyway, rather than me babble on about it further, here is an article from  JUSTIN SEELEY covering the 5 reasons-to-use-adobe-bridge. Great article. Thank you Justin. I´m sharing this with my clients.