Flash and Responsive Web DesignFlash and Responsive Web Design.

Flash is Far from Dead. With Flash and Responsive Web Design, you can show every visitor to your site exactly what you want them to see. With Flash and Responsive Web Design, the people on desktops and laptops see the full glory of your Flash Presentation while the iPad and IPhone people see the humble stuff that the Flash Nazis allow them to see.

This Video shares with you how to import the Flash into Dreamweaver. How to set the html parameters in the html code after the import.

In the video we share with you how to make the Flash presentation go to 100% screen size. We also share how to go to 100%, but what precautions must be taken into consideration using Flash Vectors and text, versus images (jpgs, pngs etc).

I actually took my index page to Flash and use it as an example.  The land of Responsive Web is all about “If.”  “If ” you are on a desktop or laptop and “if” your browser is open to 1100 pixels or wider, then you see the Flash ( I kind of like it, but it´s my page, and it is kind of dorky), “If ” you are on an iPad, or iPhone, then you only see what the Nazis at Apple Control Center their people see because they are control Freaks.


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