Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorials Hello Regular Bill the Geek Visitors.

Of course, I´ve been working on the “Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorial Series” since December of 2013. I finally put the series up at 2 weeks ago. Thank you for the 200 people that signed up and tested the series for free.

Thank you very much for the more than 1,000 people that purchased the series at full price.

Summer Discount Coupon.

In thanks to the people all over the world that have downloaded the life time series, I am offering a $60 discount so that for this Summer only, you can have access to all of the videos and life time updates for a total of $49.00. That´s a bargain, enjoy.

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Why is this series, “The Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorial Series,” different than other Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorial series.

Most of the tutorial series about Adobe Dreamweaver CC are specific to drop down menus, ftp, fonts, the property panel, the CSS Designer Panel and things that Adobe Dreamweaver CC can help you do.

My series is about Creating a Web Site in Adobe Dreamweaver CC. The real difference is, this series is about SEO (Search Engine Optimization, ranking high on Google), CSS, CSS3, CSS Drop down menus, Responsive Web Sites, a little PHP that you need to know, editing a WordPress site in Adobe Dreamweaver CC, setting up your Wamp or Mamp Server and connecting it to Adobe Dreamweaver CC, and more.

This series is about being a Web Designer in All Things Web, and Using Dreamweaver as your code editing tool. It teaches you Adobe Dreamweaver CC, but it also teaches you the code that is so important to bringing everything together and understanding what is going on under the Adobe Dreamweaver CC drop down menus.

This series is different because I don´t work for Adobe. I use Dreamweaver to build sites every day. I teach clients, small business owners how to build, edit, upload and create Responsive pages for mobile devises and tablets so that their pages show up number one on Google.

This series is about ALL THINGS WEB!