is wix realI´m seeing and hearing more about the Wix Free Website development software.  I´m getting questions like, “Does it work? What about SEO? Who is it good for?”

Are the Free Wix Websites For Real

I have one client that paid $12,000 for a “designer” to create a Wix site.  ZERO SEO!   The designer bailed and disappeared when asked about SEO.  The client had to find a new designer and spend the money again.

I ran into another one last week, less money paid, but still serious SEO problems.

Anyway, I found this article to be informative.  I checked the sites source code and it was apparently done in Wix.  They sell Wix so there may be some bias involved.  But here is their review.

Thank you, Jeremy & Connie.  Read the Article.