the history of web designThe History of Web Design

This is one man’s story about the history of web design. You might know that I’m Bill the Geek. I started out on the web as Author/Computer Illustrator, Bill Dallas Lewis of Silly Billy’s Books, Inc. and thus was born, “”. You may also know that is a historic web site. It is in fact one of the first web sites ever to exist in this place we call the Internet.

Of course, the history of web design is far more vast than what I can share with you in a few pages with a few clicks to other pages. My goal is to share with you a glimpse of the past of where we have been with all of the html, css, Flash, image file formats and other changes that are our history of web design.

Below you can click the link to this on line, small museum of “The History of Web Design.” I love museums. I loved the museums in New York City. I loved the Museums in London and the Smithsonian was wonderful.

Think of this “History of Web Design” as one of the small museums you might find as you drive across the United States, or perhaps Europe. Europe is so great because you are driving along and you see a big castle on a giant hill. You pull over to see it, and yes, it´s a small museum paying tribute to some small period of time and people.

Sometimes you are sorry you stopped, sometimes stopping at that one museum has embedded thoughts you will never forget.

So, this history of web design is just a stop on your drive. You may remember the visit, you may not.

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