introduction to computer GraphicsIntroduction to Computer Graphics

Welcome to Introduction to Computer Graphics. I´m Bill the Geek, I´ll be you´re guide. There are millions of pages written about what I´m going to cover in thousands of words here. But, I figured you don´t want to read millions of pages, so I try to hit the hot spots that I think will help you given the 20 years of experience I have in developing, studying, producing, sharing and teaching these concepts.

The Digital age has WAMO, gone crazy. Phones today take better pictures with better image quality than cameras of 10 years ago that would cost $20,000 dollars. Do you remember KODAK? Some of you might. They used to be the major manufacturer of film cameras (REMEMBER FILM ANYONE?). I remember the day that they announced that they would no longer create film cameras for North America. I knew that the writing was on the wall.

As of today, March 21st, 2014, it still all comes down to pixels, megapixels, color values and applications that will help you produce your computer graphics whether your graphics be in still, animated, or video formats.

In this introduction to computer graphics, I´ll share with you concepts like, What is a Pixel, What is a Hexadecimal Value (for web design, that´s Big), What is a Vector (Vector graphics are still the King of Print), What graphic applications do you need to work with for pixels and/or vectors.

In this introduction to computer graphics I hope I provide you with enough information to know what to look up next on Google. I hope that I can open the door to the building blocks of computer graphics that will help you find your way.

In this introduction to computer graphics, click on the links over there to the left, I´d go step by step, and in order.

For what it´s worth, I teach all of this stuff to clients all over the United States in one on one private sessions.

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