should I learn htmlShould I learn html?

This is a very good question. “Should I learn html?” Or, should I just learn a wysiwyg (drag and drop web page maker). And if I learn html, how far should I keep going in my learning of web languages. Should I learn CSS, Should I learn PHP, the list goes on and on.

I Bill the Geek, am a Geek. I write code, create electronic images and animation everyday. I like it. That is what I do, that is what I am. But for many, web creation is just a sideline, a hobby.

For anyone in the world of all things web, you need to learn html. But many clients ask me, “Should I learn html?”

Christopher Heng of puts together an excellent picture of how far you want to go in your understanding of html. And, though he doesn´t say it in the article, if you where to do a find and replace in a text editor in his article, and find and replace html with, CSS, PHP and any other language, the same ideas and issues would apply.

So if you are asking yourself, “Should I learn html?” read the article.