how to make web pages for phonesHow to Make Web Pages for Phones

Many business owners, web designers, college students and others ask me about, “How to make web pages for phones?” It´s a very common question.

Of course now that Americans spend more time on their phones than watching TV (that´s a new real statistic established January of 2014, and that´s 5 hours a day), everybody wants their web site to show up on the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, laptop, and desktop in a presentable fashion.

So when people ask me about how to make web pages for phones, they all know that there must be some term for that. Then they always ask, “What´s that called?” It´s called, “Responsive Web Design.” For short, many just say RWD. Like KFC if you want some chicken.

In your quest for the answer to “how to make web pages for phones,” there are simple answers and complex answers.

A real simple answer is WORDPRESS. Yeap, convert all 2,000 pages of your web site to WordPress and make sure you get a “Responsive Theme.” That will do the trick, and you won´t have to worry about it again. All you have to do is learn WordPress (I teach WordPress in one on one private sessions, AnyWhere USA), and let’s say learn it well, then convert the 2,000 pages. Simple, but not real simple.

Of course the other method of getting to, “how to make web pages for phones,” is to create the code maybe in something like Adobe Dreamweaver (I teach that too), and learn about “media Queries,” break points, and a lot of CSS.

But of course if you want your web pages to show up on the phone, that means you want all of your images and YouTube videos to scale proportionately too. Yeap, add that to the learning box.

So, in a nut shell, to answer your question, “How to make web pages for phones?” I have a few basic answers.

1. Learn WordPress. Make sure you use a Responsive Theme. Test it out before you put too much work into it up front.
2. Hire someone to build the WordPress Page.
3. Learn CSS, media queries, breakpoints, html and maybe Dreamweaver.
4. Hire someone that knows CSS, media queries, breakpoints, html and Dreamweaver and then go to the beach and forget about it.
5. Or, most likely the best answer is to call Me. 415 839 0096. I can teach you how to put it together in html, css, or WordPress. That´s what I do.

So give me a call, we’ll set up an appointment, you can relax and feel much better, then you can go to the beach.

You can watch my video on how my classes work by clicking here.

I also teach Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, SEO and Responsive Web Design.

Give me a call. If I´m not on line helping someone, I´m staring at the phone waiting on you to give me a call, 415 839 0096.