the biggest seo secretYeap, I´m in my cave 24/7 creating, researching, consulting, all alone except for my international network of fellow geeks.  Sometimes even Bill the Geek gets stuck.  I thought I would link to a place that might provide some Motivational help for Freelancers.  These are 49 quotes to help keep you going on that long journey.

“Freelancers get caught in ruts. We slow down after a while. We start to stray from the main goals in our freelance careers. This post is (hopefully) going to give all of us the kick in the ass that I think we sometimes need in order to get back on track, get motivated and take over the world! Motivation to move forward is something I am sure all of us could use more of and that is why I put together this list. This article will give all of us daily motivation with 49 of the best motivational quotes (in my opinion obviously).”

Thank You Mike Smith,,,,Read the Article

Motivational help for Freelancers