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Hello there, thank you for the visit. I hope I have some helpful information for you. In this brief article with links to very good videos, I will share with you some helpful options that will help you move your WordPress site.

Before we move ahead, I feel the need to say this. In this digital age, we geeks have so many devises and work with so many projects. I have my Desktop, Laptops, Samsung Phone, and iPad. Yeap, that´s all, it´s not enough.

Moving a WordPress site for me is not just about moving it from one machine to the server for the world to see, it´s also about moving a WordPress site from my Desktop to one of my clouds. From my Desktop Mamp to my laptop Wamp, to my laptop Mamp, to my client, to my external backup. I use and work on my stuff in so many places, moving the most current version from place to place in a reliable fashion is important to me.

I have such a wonderful life sharing most of it in front of this screen writing code and teaching clients from around the world, one on one (call me 415 839 0096). Lately, I´ve been living in WordPress and teaching a lot of WordPress and Joomla. What I find very strange is that most of my clients are very smart people, doing wonderful, informative and creative things in WordPress and Joomla, but when it comes to some very basic things they should be able to do with CSS fixes, they are lost (fine with me, that´s why I´m here. That´s what keeps my phone ringing. Basic CSS).

Anyway, almost all of my clients are front end type designers. Many lack experience with html, css, and even their Dreamweaver skills are challenged( I tell em’, learn the code, they never listen, it´s like code is fire or something). But if you mention “Data Base,” then they really freak out.

Moving a WordPress Site is all about the Data Base. The WordPress Date Base is the glue that brings in the pictures, pulls together all of the hard work that you have spent hours creating. So when you move your site, if you are moving a WordPress Site, if you leave behind the Data Base, you leave behind everything important.

So, I put together a list of links that I find are very informative and straight forward. For people that fear Data Bases like death itself, these links will be very comforting.

1. Moving a WordPress Site yourself with Just Code.

This is a great article that shows you step by step how to move everything. I really think you should go here and read it, I´m not saying you want to do it but it will give you a wonderful education as to what is going on in the move itself before you go on to see the video below.

Read the Article

2. Moving a WordPress Site with a WordPress Plugin called Duplicator.

Can you freaking believe it. There is actually a Plugin that does all (mostly all) of the work for you with a simple click of the button(ok, actually about 10 clicks and some keystrokes). This really amazes me. Almost every time I want to do something, I Google WordPress Plugin for ,,,,,,,mopping floor,,,,, or something like that and it comes up. This moving a WordPress Site plugin is very popular, highly rated and pretty easy to work with.

See the Video

3. A Video for Moving a WordPress Site Using Duplicator the Plugin.

Yes, it´s true. The people that make the stuff are the worst ones to ask how to use it. Now I live in Adobe land. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Audition, Dreamweaver, you name it. But when I get in trouble and need some help on Google, if I see the answer coming from, I bypass it. Because, the info and how to from Adobe, in my opinion, usually sucks. The best information is usually from some woman, sitting in a trailer in West Virginia that can explain the situation better than they do in San Jose (I think it´s the fresh air in West Virginia that does it).

In the Duplicator how to Video Above, you know the part where they say, “Oh, just put the passwords in here.” Oh, Excuse me, when I wrote that I had to sit back and laugh real hard. I´m serious. That´s really funny.

The part that they go by real quick on that is all about the Data Base. That is what is so funny about that video. That´s the most important part. Now this video goes through that part and the guy in the video makes a mistake during recording and has to fix the mistake in front of your very eyes which is a really good thing because you can see what screw up you might make when you make this important step.

See the video

4. A comparison of Moving a WordPress Site Plugins article.

You know how it is. You´ve spent nights, weekends, mornings and all other extra ungodly hours of the day working in this site, and you want to make sure this plugin thing is going to work. This guy compares three of the most popular and suggested moving a wordpress site plugins and gives the pros and cons of all three. I think the read will be quite comforting if you are going to move ahead with Duplicator.

Read the article

5. Moving a WordPress Site with the BackupBuddy Plugin.

I´ve heard so much about BackupBuddy. Much, Much, Much, and it´s all good. I was so looking forward to downloading it and using it, but when I got to their site, I saw that it cost somewhere between $80 to $150 dollars.

If you´re wealthy, just do a search for BackupBuddy, you´ll find it. Enjoy.

That´s the scoop. I hope this message has helped you out. In my next fun and informative post I will share the One Billion Dollars in you bank account WordPress plugin.