What is PHPWhat is PHP?

The letters PHP actually stood for “Personal Home Page,” then as the language was redeveloped, it coined the words, “Hypertext Preprocessor:”


Here´s the deal with PHP and what I have to share with the average person making a web site. Here we go.

The average person on the planet knows and uses 1,500 words given the language they speak. Now, in the land of html, css etc., most people know and use a handful of tags and selectors that help them get their job done.

In the land of PHP, I want to share with you the one word of that language that will change your web development life. ONE WORD.

If you want to know the thousands of objects, methods, properties etc. for PHP, then right ON! But, for the newcomer to web design, or, to many of the old timers that want save time and money, here is the video that will introduce you to the PHP Magic Word.

Can you say, “Include?”

See the Video