Private Web Design ClassesPrivate Web Design Classes

Hi, Thanks for the click.  I´m Bill the Geek and I teach internationally, one on one Private Web Design Classes.

People contact me from English speaking places all over the word for Private Web Design Classes.  Web Design is such a wonderful way to share thoughts with words, images, videos, forms and more, but controlling the creations are an art.

In my diverse private web design classes, some clients want to learn code, CSS, Html, and a little PHP from the ground up.  Some just want to create very basic sites with images, text, videos and some contact forms.  Some clients ask for direction with setting up a WordPress site and editing the theme CSS in WordPress.  It is my delight to share creative information with clients all over the world.

If I can be of assistance to you, drop me a line or give me a call 415 839 0096.  If you get the Magic Jack computer guy on my answering device, that means I´m in a session and I´ll get right back to you when I am done.