private web design tutorThis is my latest video explaining what I do with my clients once they sign up for a one on one, private web design tutor class. Yes, I´m a private web design tutor.

See the Video

The video mentions the classes that I teach, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop as well as html, css and Actionscript 2 and 3. The video covers my hourly rates, times available for sessions and payment methods and policies.

Most of all, the private web design tutor video is fun to watch, and it was fun to make.

The process involved brainstorming the major concepts. Then storyboarded the animation. From their, I found or developed the artwork and manipulated the images in tiff, jpg, gif or png file format as was appropriate.

The animation was completed in Adobe Flash using tweening, masking and multiple layer animation techniques.

From there, is created the swf file with navigation buttons. I created the brief music intro in Garage Band, with a brief edit in Adobe Audition. Then, I take everything into Camtasia Studio to record the voice over and sink the animation with voice.

Finally, the video is uploaded to You Tube so that I can call on it from many different platforms and devises.

Of course all of you professional video and production people know all of this, but for some people it´s a new process, so I thought I you share the process (my process anyway).

So Kick back and enjoy the show. I had fun with the last minute. See the Video