Responsive Web Design, Why Develop for the Phone FirstResponsive Web Design, Why Develop for the Phone First?

Responsive Web Design, RWD, is still kind of new. They say it was the hottest topic of 2013 and it is still evolving. There are thousands of theories, concepts and experts that have popped up just in the past year.

Writing the code for just one page using html, css, maybe some php and javascript, adding images and working with SEO is one thing. But to make all of this viewable on 30 devises is a bear.

No matter what RWD grid system you may use or no matter whether you are using Dreamweaver, notepad or text edit to write the code, what code do you write first? Where do you begin?

As always I say, “It´s Your Kitchen! Do what you want!

In the last 60 days I´ve written a lot of html, css and php for a lot of sites. I have dreams about CSS selectors (I´m a Geek, what do you expect). I´ve read and heard so many times that you should write or develop for the phone first. I had dreams, “Responsive Web Design, Why Develop for the Phone First?” I would be exercising and I would think, “Responsive Web Design, Why Develop for the Phone First?”

I thought it was just another theory. There are so many theories, so many experts. But I tried it. It was so much easier, and now I´m a fan.

This video covers my experience and why in your kitchen, you may want to give it a try.