I love WordPress, I love Dreamweaver.  But I tell you what.  To see your edit your WordPress Theme in Dreamweaver is really hard to do unless you can see it live.

And, The only way to see it live is with a live server on your hard drive.  Once you get that set up, it´s lots of fun.  But Setting it up is, well, let´s say, not a very pretty process.

I found this video for my clients that shows you how to set up the Mamp server on your MAC.  Then, it goes on to show you how to define the site in Dreamweaver and test the site locally.  It´s amazing how once it´s all set up, Dreamweaver shows you where all the css, php and javascript is running in whatever WordPress theme you use.

Give it a look, Call me for a class.  415 839 0096

Here´s the link.