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Hello There, I´m Bill the Geek and thank you for the click.

I´m a U Mass Lowell Website Design Tutor. I´ve had people taking the classes online and in the Lowell Area contact me for help with their Flash, Dreamweaver, CSS, Html, PhotoShop and Illustrator Classes.

As a U Mass Lowell Website Design Tutor, I would be happy to help you out too.

It´s really difficult many times when you are taking the course online, and no real person is their to answer the many questions that the books and the videos can´t answer. Well, I guess they can, but when you ask out loud, and talk to the video or the book, do you hear anything?

You most likely want to know if I´m for real. Well, get on Google and type in “Bill the Geek.” Last time I checked, I was number one. Or, you might type in “Dreamweaver Teacher.” Last time I checked, I was number one. Oh, for Dreamweaver Teacher, I take that back, Lynda.com is on the top, but she pays thousands of dollars a month to be there.

So, How do I, the U Mass Lowell Website Design Tutor Work?

You email me or call me at 415 839 0096. You tell me what you want to know. Most likely if you are taking a Flash, Dreamweaver, CSS, Html, Photoshop, or Illustrator class, I can help you out. I only teach what I know ( very damn well). We set a day and time for a live session.

Ten minutes before the session, I send you an email. In the email there is a link to Gotomeeting.com. You click the link and Waa,,Laa, You can see my desktop, You can allow me to see your desktop and we have FM quality sound. Unlike the books or videos, I listen to your questions and then I answer with words, and you can see me in Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop or Illustrator showing you what you wanted to know.

You pay me after our session. If you don´t learn, You don´t pay.

You must be wondering, “Well, is this guy a U Mass Lowell Website Design Tutor Full time?” The answer is no. Most of my time is used to consult and teach business owners with web sites, corporate web designers that are learning CSS and Dreamweaver, or many times experienced web designers that are now designing WordPress sites and want to know how to manipulate the WordPress Themes with CSS. If I´m not doing that, I´m writing children´s stories.

For what it´s worth, I´m a Graduate of Dartmouth College with a Master´s Degree from The Ohio State University.

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Again, thanks for visiting,

Bill the Geek
U Mass Lowell Website Design Tutor