Why Use WordPressWhy Use WordPress

People ask me, “Why Use WordPress?”

If you use Worpress, you´ll make your web publishing life a lot easier, saving you time and money.

You have a web site, or you are going to have a web site. You have a message in words and/pictures you want to share with your clients, your family, your friends or the world. Every once in a while, or often, you think of something new and you want to change your message to the world.

Why Use WordPress?

You know that you can´t use a magic wand to put your ideas up on the internet or to modify what you already have there, but you don´t want to take too much time to get up and running. And if you do change your mind about your logo, your images on this or that page, you want to be able to make those changes as simply as possible.

Why Use WordPress?

You want to take your idea(s) and images, put them up on the net, make changes freely and with ease with out going to MIT to get it done.

If you think thoughts like these, then you should strongly consider starting with or moving to WordPress.

WordPress is a web page starter kit. Better yet, it´s a web system starter kit. Oh, I haven´t said, IT´S FREE!

WordPress is the magic wand you are looking for. You start out with the WordPress Starter kit. You put up your text and images. You don´t like the way your starter kit looks with it´s colors and where the pictures are. WordPress gives you access to a whole new appearance and layout, these are called Themes. WordPress has the Themes Magic Wand. Literally, you click a button, and poof, your whole web site changes. Your words and images are still there, but with the WordPress Theme magic want, your whole site changes with a click.

You´re on the internet and your friend or competitor has a cool button and when you click it, I wonderful form slides out and people can fill it out and they click submit. In the land of WordPress, this is called a Pluggin. WordPress comes with millions (yes millions) of free little magic wand pluggins. You find the magic wand, install it and click, the form is on your website.

Oh, let´s say it´s the end of October and Halloween has passed. Now it´s time for you to put in your Thanksgiving colors, images and ads on your site. Here comes the WordPress Magic Wand, Poof, it´s done.

To enjoy anything new and/or good, one must take some steps to get there. Yes, you will have to learn how the Magic Wands of WordPress come to life. I would be happy to do that.

I´m lucky, my knowledge of html, html5, CSS, CSS3, Actionscript (in the same family of PHP) Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator helps me a lot. The more Magic Wands you use in WordPress, the more CSS and Html you will want to understand too. I´d be happy to help you out. Give me a call 415 839 0096, or Drop me a line, I´m in the cave pretty much all of the time.

I´m a WordPress Teacher/Tutor/ Helper/Consultant. I help people get up and running with with the Magical path called WordPress.