Will Learning  Dreamweaver Help Me Find a Job?

Let´s just be up front. The question is “Will Learning Dreamweaver Help me find a job?” The answer is YES!

But now, let´s get to the reasons why the answer is yes, and what yes really means.

Dreamweaver was developed by MacroMedia years ago as a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get). The intention was to make a web tool that was kind of like Photoshop or Illustrator so to speak, where you could put some words, pictures, and links to other pages in a document and then upload those pages to the internet for the world to see.

MacroMedia was purchased by Adobe back in 2005. Since then, a lot has happened with the internet. Back in 2005, most web pages were what you would call Static. That is kind of like a magazine on paper. You can click words on the page, go somewhere else, but not a lot more would happened.

Then came the CMS (content management system). These a systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others. The main difference that I´m going to bring up know is that with the CMS systems, You can have 1000 pages of a site, click a couple of buttons and the whole site changes (that´s really dumbing everything down quite a bit). With the 2005 web site version, you would have to go from page to page in a web site to do the same thing.

Now, the funny thing about Adobe Dreamweaver is that it was really never created to be a total wysiwyg web page maker. The creators of Dreamweaver assumed you knew, understood and can hand code html, css and a little javascript. Dreamweaver is more or less web page starter kit for people that know the basic codes of web development.

When I was teaching Adobe Dreamweaver to corporations in downtown San Francisco, companies like Well´s Fargo, The Gap, Sony and firms like that, before they could take our 32 hour, 4 day Dreamweaver Class, they had to take our two day, 16 hour html class, then they had to take our one day, 8 hour CSS Class. Then, they could take the Dreamweaver class.

I Getting Closer to the Bottom Line Now.

So here´s the deal. Of the billions of web pages out there, you have billions of individuals and small businesses, and large businesses too, that still have static web sites, totally created in Dreamweaver. Do a job hunt on Google. You´ll find thousands of postings looking for people that know, can create and edit web pages created in Dreamweaver.

The real bottom line is that the CMS systems are all html, css, javascript, php, and mySql driven. People that download a WordPress theme and want to change things around make those changes editing in Dreamweaver. Same is true with Joomla and Drupal (though there are many code editors out there).

Now, to get a job for someone that desires someone with Dreamweaver skills, what that really means is that you should know what the creators of Dreamweaver thought you should know before you launch that application. You should know html, html5, css, css3, have a basic knowledge of php and javascript and it would really be a plus if you knew when to use a gif, jpg, or png, and how to manipulate images.

So again, Will Learning Dreamweaver Help me Get a Job?  Yes!

So, there you go. I teach Dreamweaver, html5, css3, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash. I teach one on one Anywhere USA. Give me a call, 415 839 0096 or hit my contact button above with an email and we can set up a private session for you.