changing a website to a WordPress siteInstalling and Using WordPress ThreeWP Broadcast on a WordPress Multi Site

I have a client with 9 sites on a WordPress Multi-Site. Of course, a WordPress Multi-Site is where you have one WordPress installation with multiple sites running independently under that site. The site, and the sites within it have, or can have, different plugins, widgets, themes, site names, it´s really pretty cool. I like having the WordPress Multi-Site site up on my local drives for when I´m editing WordPress themes for myself, or for clients.

One of my clients has a 9 site WordPress Multi-Site. They are each very different in content from one to the next. But, my client wanted to be able to post on one of the sites, and control whether that post could post on any or all of the other sites.

Of course there is a plugin for everything in the land of WordPress. I was fortunate enough to find the WordPress Plug-gin, “ThreeWP Broadcast,” from Edward Plainview.

I downloaded the plug-gin and went to work on the installation. The problem with my situation was that my client wanted me to do a little something that was a bit unique to broadcasting over a WordPress Multi-Site. After I installed and played with the widget, I needed help. I was reading through the installation instructions and found Edward´s email.

I emailed him with a question. He is in Sweden I think. Seconds later, he responded. For what I wanted to do, I needed an upgrade to the plugin that was free. The upgrade cost was $25.00. I emailed him again and asked him if the upgrade would meet my needs. He told me everything I needed to know about the plugin and my situation.

I bought the plugin. Activated it site wide, and it worked like a charm.

Then things went bad. First of all, I was so happy to have installed it, tested it and it was working fine till I found (or I thought I found) that it was not working at all. I had already billed my client, and I began to freak out. I emailed the creator of ThreeWP Broadcast and told him about my problem and he jumped right on it.

Ends up, Well, geeks can make stupid mistakes too. And I did. All was super fine and ends well.


So, I ended up spending $25 more that I had in mind, but my client is very happy, and I got to meet another international geek that does a great job. ThreeWP Broadcast Premium Pack – 25$