Accidents are a Good Thing

After 30 years of working at home, I´ve found that accidents are a good thing. Some of my biggest successes and life changing events in business ( as well as in my love life ) have happened by accident.

I am a very good planner. I have read hundreds of books about planning. I can plan for hours. I take very good planning notes. I am an excellent brainstormer, and take excellent brainstorming notes. The funny thing is that many times, I have spent hours, weeks or months in planning and producing something that was developed to take me to an ending point of success, and right before I launch, some accident happens.

Accidents are a Good Thing. After all of that planning, the accident comes right out of the blue and slaps me in the face like a 60 mph, thirty below zero, New Hampshire, snow storm wind gust. And right after it hits, and I absorb the full concept and meaning I always have to say to myself, “Damn self, what the hell was that. After all of that planning, a money maker for my product/service pops up right out of the blue that I never even thought about.

I don´t quite understand it. It never fails. I think what really happens is all the planning has covered many if not all of the bases of possibilities. The product/service is excellent. All of the product/service collateral has been well developed and all thought out. The marketing collateral is good. With all of that prep, when the accidental moment raises it’s head, everything his ready to proceed with the new twist.

Now, in another video I mention that 95% of people are lazy. Many people may see this video, or read these words and think, “Self, I just think I´ll sit here and watch TV and do nothing till on of them accidents pops up. That will save me a lot of time.”

Accidents are a good thing but I don’t think just waiting around for one to happen is going to do the trick.

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