Attitude Tips for Working at Home

Attitude Tips for Working at Home?  Hopefully you are working at home, chasing your dreams, doing something that you really enjoy doing.  That is who these videos were created for.  Of course, if you are working at home selling Amway, or selling oil for BP America, that’s a whole different story.  If you are in that situation, call your boss, they have paid millions of dollars in studies to fully understand how to keep your mind and body on a serious productive chain.  Oh, so sorry, they have spent ( they would say invested in ) billions, not millions to keep your mind and body on their chain.

These videos were created for creative, free loving people that are looking for Attitude Tips for Working at Home.  I hope that some of these tips will help you out.  You are a maverick, a different thinker, a creator, good for you.  The challenge comes from not only your sales abilities and product/service creativity, but many times from friends, family and neighbors just waiting for you to fail, or lovingly waisting your valuable time and energies.

I have worked at home for more than 20 years doing what I love to do.  For years I wrote and illustrated children’s books.  For years I have created other stuff for the web, all working at home.  When it comes to Attitude Tips for Working at Home, I have a few.

You can live your dream while working at home, but there are some work at home things that must be done that aren’t always pleasant.  For instance, telling your mother in that you are actually working so you can’t visit her to watch “The View.”  Or, telling your you unemployed neighbor that you can’t drink that beer with him at 10 this morning.

First and foremost you have that wonderful significant other that thinks you are just pretending to be working.

Along with working at home comes the IRS and work at home Bills.

I’m not going to call all of the above negative forces, (though they sure to seem like it) but they do effect your attitude.  I’m hoping that some of these Attitude Tips for Working at Home,


Love Yourself 1st

Sure, you can be saintly and love everybody else first, but if you don’t take care of you first, then your dreams are just a dream. Pooffffff…..

Pump Yourself Up, You Are Special

When you fail, some people will love it.  The World is the World.  People you think are in your corner will laugh behind your back.  We are humans.  You are your only, number 1, private cheerleader.

Most people are lazy, and lack balls (in attitude, not a gender thing).

Most People don’t have the balls to do, or even think about what you are going to/or are thinking about doing.  That’s a great Situation for you!

What I learned at Kroger’s.  Super Attitude.

This was as good or better than many of the things  I learned at Dartmouth.

What I Learned at Kroger’s, Part 2

Lazy people like for you to be lazy too.  Angry people like for you to be angry too.  Sad people like you to be sad too.

How to Work at Home