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This is a new day and age.  I have clients where all of their business is within blocks of where they live and work.  I have many clients that have customers all over the world while they work at home earning a living VIA THE MAGICAL INTERNET.

This Series is about Happiness, Not Getting Rick Quick

Sure, there are millions of get rich kick scams on the internet.  This is not the place.  Lots of rich people commit suicide everyday.

What I learned at Dartmouth.  Research

I share this with you so that you can save $200,000 in 5 minutes, and it is actually very helpful and useful information.

Work At Home budget

Pinch that dime when you are starting up

The Magic of Brain Storming

I´ve presented in more than 600 institutions of education around the world.  Most of them do not teach this magical skill.  Brainstorming is truly your lifeline to success.

What I Learned at Dartmouth Part 3, Focus Like a Pro

Based on a true story.  A true role model. True ambition.

Focus Like You´re Masturbating

Watch the video, it has a wild title, but is it, or is it not true.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job Yet

That time might come.  It´s all on you of course.  Here are some tips to help you git a feel for when is the right time.


How to Work at Home